I am so excited to be writing this first blog under the new umbrella of Barbara Jackson LLC.  After almost 2 years and trying to sustain the non-profit Women Building Change throughout the COVID challenge, it became apparent that those efforts were not going to create or build the momentum that I had hoped for.  The idea of creating a resource network to support the advancement of women into leadership positions in the construction industry is a good one and although many people praised the idea with two thumbs up, their support never materialized.  In other words, the partnership model that we had envisioned – where individuals and companies would become partners and financially support the resources we had developed such as the mentorship platform, just never took hold, no matter how much everyone thought it was a good idea.  Although several companies had stepped up and gave donations to partner with Women Building Change (thank you to all of them), there wasn’t enough support to sustain the organization as a non-profit, especially once COVID put a halt to our ability to host live events and be out there publicly to promote the effort.  So, after doing some re-evaluation I decided it was time to dissolve the non-profit but NOT the idea of Women Building Change.

I am happy to share that the Women Building Change effort has been resurrected under the business entity that is now identified as Barbara Jackson LLC.  Even though the non-profit approach didn’t play out as I had hoped, my passion for the mission hasn’t been dampened a single iota.  So, beginning in 2022, I will begin stepping away from academia and dedicate my full-time energies and commitment to promoting Women Building Change and its mission to Transform Leadership and Culture in the AEC Industry.  As many of you know I currently serve as Director of the Burns School of Real Estate and Construction Management in the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver, and prior to coming to DU I was a full professor and Director of the California Center for Construction Education at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA from 1998 until fall 2013 when I took over the leadership helm at the Burns School.   I will fully retire from the University of Denver in late summer 2022 when I will focus completely on the mission of Women Building Change.  In the meantime, I will be blogging weekly about the challenges and opportunities associated with our changing industry associated with leadership and culture, workforce and professional development, industry transformation, effective teaming skills, and other related topics.  I will also be sharing commentary on the power of story, effective communication, and original thinking to elevate the significance of our contributions, influence, and impact.  Topics will focus primarily on the people side of the business and those areas that will have the most profound impact on the future direction of the industry.  I’ll also be blogging about fun stuff like creating a life you love, personal growth, spiritual insights, and finding the legs to stand in your own power. 

However, one of the most important topics I’ll cover in my blogs is the success of our Leadership Bootcamps.  The Leadership Bootcamps for Women in Construction survived the ups and downs of COVID and are still going stronger than ever.  This powerful immersive experience remains the foundational program for Barbara Jackson LLC and Women Building Change. 

I believe that women participating and leading in the industry is key to its transformation. And by building a network of connection and support for women in construction, we are securing the future of the industry.”

Barbara Jackson

Effective January 2022 we will host 3 bootcamps each year instead of only two.  The dates are February 6-9, May 22-25, and September 18-21.  We have also changed venues for the Bootcamps and have already conducted 2 very successful programs at our new location, Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch in Loveland, CO.  Already we are seeing game-changing projects being initiated by several of the women coming through the bootcamp.  I cannot wait to share what these women leaders in the industry are taking on after attending the bootcamp. 

Several other services and resources in addition to the bootcamps and this blog will be available through the BarbaraJackson.com website.  They include speaking, consulting, in-company training, podcasts, videos, webinars, design-build specific resources, books, and much more.

As I think about this next chapter of my life and career, I am more energized than ever to be able to support women and others in achieving their goals and significantly impacting the direction of the industry, their own futures, and the people they lead.