I’m sure many of you feel the same way I do about leaving 2021 behind and jump starting 2022 with intention and anticipation.  Despite the challenges associated with learning to live and operate as normally as possible with the COVID infection still having an impact on our daily lives, I plan to navigate with optimism and energy as I take on new challenges and launch new initiatives to advance the mission of Women Building Change.

I’ll be starting off the new year with the release of my new bi-weekly podcast – Women Building Change with Barbara Jackson.  I’m very excited about being able to share some of my insights and observations about the industry and how I believe we can make it better and begin to change the perception of what it is and how it impacts all of society.  I’m also excited about introducing you to many of the women in the industry who are already making a difference in its transformation. 

I’m also looking forward to our first winter boot camp happening in February.  This brings the total number of boot camps we’ll host each year to three.  I am pleased to report that the February date filled to capacity before the end of December, and we’ve already opened the May Boot Camp for registrations.  I am looking forward to meeting a whole new cohort of women warriors out to create a life they love, making a difference, and helping to transform an industry.  

Also, in February I will be posting my first educational webinars.  These programs will usually be focused on topics associated with becoming a more effective leader in your own life and in the industry.  I will present several modules on communication, leadership presence, developing confidence, the grit factor, resiliency, listening, storytelling, and many other leadership related topics.  In addition, I’ll offer a course on construction management and one on design-build to compliment my books on these topics.  Many of the webinars will be available at no cost.  Others will be available at a nominal cost either as a series or as individual sessions.  

In addition to the podcast launch, the start of my webinar series, and our boot camps, I’m very excited to share that this June we will be hosting our 1st Annual Boot Camp Alumni Reunion in Tubac, Arizona at the Tubac Golf Resort & Spa.  Branded as the Women Building Change Rendezvous at the Ranch, all former boot campers will be invited to attend.  Several years ago, we hosted an informal reunion of boot campers at my house in Parker, Colorado and our alums flew in from all parts of the US. Many of you have been clamoring for another reunion for a while.  We thought it was time that we made the reunion an annual event.  The momentum of thought leadership and activity being generated by our boot campers is beginning to reach a point where it needs to be shared across our boot camp network.  The Boot Camp’s impact is growing and becoming ever stronger in its commitment to make a difference.  You won’t want to miss hearing about what’s happening.

The Tubac Resort and the neighboring village is one of my favorite places on the planet.  Promoted as being both timeless and magical – the resort was built on the Otero Family ranch, the site of the original Spanish land grant in Arizona, dating back to 1789. We have planned for a wonderful 3 days together to connect, catch up, meet other women in the industry, strengthen the network, hear each other’s stories, learn about game-changing initiatives being launched by individual women, and some announcements about new WBC programs.  We’ll have some great presentations, great food, great wine, great entertainment, great activities, and some great fun together.  I look forward to seeing many of you again, and to introducing you all to each other.  

Mark your calendars and save the dates – June 12-15, 2022.

I’m ready to jump into 2022 with both feet!  How about you?  Start generating the next chapter of your own future today!  There’s no need to delay.  Trust yourself.  Jump in with me!  

Here’s to a fantastic 2022!  Cheers!